Safety first! One of the greatest qualities a baby sleep sack has is that it allows your older baby to sleep peacefully and safe.

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These baby towels are warm, soft to the touch, and very fun to wear on baby. We are sure these baby towels will bring many baby giggles!

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Help your baby sleep better and longer with these fun, attractive, safe & functional swaddle blankets.

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Super Exciting Party Rental Equipment

Children Love to Bounce. We Have a Great Selection of Bounce Houses. Exceptional Inflatable Rides, Small, Medium or Large, Just Tell us What You Need!

Clean and Disinfected Bounce Houses

Each and every time, after each rental, we thoroughly clean and disinfect our bounce houses.

Insured and Inspected

Cool Munchkins is fully licensed and insured.

Outstanding Customer Service

You can always count on Cool Munchkins to provide you with excellent customer service. Great baby products, and clean, safe equipment.

High Quality Products

We have a great selection of high quality, durable, and safe baby products and party rental equipment. We offer cool products for the cool munchkins in your life, so, go ahead, have fun browsing and shopping!

Safe and Reliable

When you rent from Cool Munchkins, you can be sure you will receive your bounce houses as planned. Safe Secure Online Orders