Tiger Inflatable Slide

At 23 feet long, this Saber Tooth Orange Tiger is one our largest inflatable slides and most exciting inflatable party rentals. You can get this amazing saber tooth cat for your next party. This awesome Tiger Inflatable Slide is tall, majestic, impressive, and will definitely keep your children (and adults too!)  entertained for hours! As a result, every bit as thrilling as it looks, this inflatable slide is a memory maker.

Choose this Tiger Inflatable Slide for your next event!

Children will be amazed at the size of this Tiger inflatable slide while they approach the stairs to the left of the slide.  Then, they climb to the top through a pathway with steps. Once there, the exhilarating slide down is well worth the challenge! This is the type of party attraction that people will not be able to resist. Party goers will want to go through it over and over, smiling the entire time!

Hop on this fearsome predator of the Pleistocene epoch! Climb up the steps to the top platform, in anticipation of the ride of your life! Contact Cool Munchkins to rent this slide and tell your friends to come on over to the Tiger Inflatable Slide!