Glow At Night Zorb Balls Hamster Balls

All you have to do is roll 10 feet in a Zorb ball to realize what you’ve been missing your entire life. We take that fun a giant step further – literally – thanks to our 57-foot Zorb Racer track. These Zorb Balls are beautiful during the time but at night, they start to glow!

Excellent for high school activities, festivals, corporate events, it’s competitive fun! Enjoy a competitive race as this two player Zorb Balls ride races 57ft. The large zorb ball acts as a human hamster ball keeping the participants safe and secure. The harder and faster the participant runs, the faster the ball will move. Big enough (and safe enough) for both kids and adults.

Please contact us to reserve this item.

Requirements: Inflatable track requires a relatively flat surface about 30ft x 65ft within 80 feet of an electrical outlet. We prefer to set the inflatables up on grass, but concrete or asphalt are acceptable as well. Sticks and rocks must be cleared from the area before we arrive. The inflatable can be setup indoors if you have an auditorium or gymnasium available at a nearby church or school.