Teach Your Toddler How To Read Quickly And Sweetly

teach your toddler how to read

Teach your toddler how to read quickly and sweetly!


I wanted to write about a few different little books that are great to teach little kids how to start reading. In my little collection of best books to use to teach your toddler how to read I have: The Bob’s Books, Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See? and the books from the Phonics Practice Readers series (such as Fun with Gum) I have no affiliation whatsoever to them, but I really wanted to highlight why I think these books are great for babies and toddlers, and why they will teach your toddler how to read quickly and sweetly too!


Surely the first thing to do before you embark yourself in this adventure with your toddler is to wait, and watch when they’re truly ready to start learning to read. You’ll know this because you see they’ll have a natural interest to grab a book, open it and go through the pages, even if they’re not really reading, but you’re noticing they have a desire to grab the book on their own. Of course, you can help this, if your child is not there yet, by getting lots of really interesting books with big pictures where you can point and talk about the pictures (not necessarily read the text that comes with the picture on the page)


teach your toddler how to read


Now, while books with great pictures, etc are great when you’re starting out, you want to minimize this when you’re moving on to the reading phase. You see, a lot of books have an extraordinary amount of drawings and pictures, which are great when you’re really just showing things on the books to the kids, but when you really want to concentrate on just teaching how to read, I’ve found that is best when you try to eliminate as much of these pictures are you can. And nevertheless, those little Bob Books do just that.


Two of my children already made it through the reading phase, they’re avid, great and very fluent readers. I can tell you these books were phenomenal to getting them there faster and stress free. I have a toddler whom I am currently going through the process of teaching how to read.  Each little Bob book, for example, is only a few pages long, you start with the level 1, you go through them with your child on your lap, and since the book is so short and extremely to the point, the “lesson” really takes just a few minutes (which is great because small children have shorter attention span) and success comes very quick.  At the end, they feel like they won, they feel like they really accomplished something. It’s all about how they feel at the end of the lecture. With books that are either too long or with too many distractions, it’s very hard for children to excel at reading quickly, it gets them too distracted. With shorter books, where there is a highlight and emphasis on a specific subject to learn, like only the letter A, or E, etc, or in advanced levels, phonics, etc, then they accomplish that one thing and they can tell by your voice of satisfaction, that they’ve succeeded, therefore they’re happy and then they will be able to move up faster.


You should give these books a try, happy reading, and I hope that you can too teach your toddler how to read quickly! 🙂